Staff Email

Welcome note

Tanzania livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) is delighted to have this website in place. This is one of its strategies in reaching out to its stakeholders and partners in livestock research and animal agriculture at large. The forum was initiated not only for meeting current requirements of the day in the e-communication circles, but it was also set up as a result of growing demand of sharing and exchanging research information on science, technology and innovation in animal agriculture and allied sciences.

As we will all realise,Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) is a body corporate, established by Act No. 4 of 2012 that was published in the Government Gazette of 27 July 2012. This Act grants the institute the mandate of conducting and coordinating livestock research in Tanzania mainland.  Since its establishment, the institute has re-organized itself through strengthening administrative and governance infrastructure despite carrying its core functions as stipulated in Section Five of the Act. Prior to the establishment of TALIRI, livestock research activities and administration were undertaken through the then changing organizational structures ranging from Veterinary Research Station established during the Germany rule; the previously semi- autonomous Tanzania Livestock Research Organization (TALIRO) that was dissolved in 1989 as well through the Department of Research and Training under the ministries responsible for livestock developmment in Mailand Tanzania. We fully cherish these institutional arrangements and research activities and outputs of our forerunners. We are thrilled to report of the fact that TALIRI having gathered a ten years’ experience of operating as a semi-autonomous institution of service and technology development, the Institute will continue to discharge its functions to ensure that farmers and other stakeholders reap the research outputs in the fields of livestock breeding; pasture and forage development, management and utilization of livestock feeds; animal health and diseases and in various socio-economic aspects of the livestock industry.

Apart from sharing information from the Institute on this website, our stakeholders and partners are expected to share and link their activities, plans and aspirations with TALIRI though individual and institutional initiatives. These online and or later physical encounters may offer research opportunities to reflect on obstacles, threats and challenges that frustrate the growth, expansion or productivity of the livestock sector.

The Board and Management of the Institute reiterate that TALIRI will continue to play its vital role in basic and applied animal agricultural research that contribute towards increased production and productivity of the livestock sector. The Institute, stakeholders and partners in the livestock value chains are equally expected to continue sharing information and jointly putting up the relevant resources in fostering science, technology and innovations and sustainable food systems from animal agriculture.

Therefore, let this TALIRI website be a source of valuable information to everyone who visits it