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Jonas Kizima is a Principal Research scientist with specialization in Pasture agronomy and Rangeland sciences. Jonas is a PhD holder working on a broader perspectives to ensure availability of pastures and forages for livestock holistically with principles of management of natural resources. He is currently a country supervisor of studies on Brachiaria grass in Tanzania under the Biosciences East and Central Africa programmes under International Livestock Research Institute (BecA Hub ILRI).  Jonas is has worked as Head of Department of Pastures and forage at TALIRI-Tanga, also as Director for Technology Transfer Division at TALIRI headquarter in Dodoma, Tanzania.  Achievements in relation to technology development and transfer in livestock sector, Jonas As pasture Agronomist, He is one of collaborators in IFAD project implemented by CIAT in Southern parts of Tanzania “Climate smart dairy systems” He is also supervising multi-location Evaluation trials of Pasture species which aim at pasture seed certification processes which will help later to commercialization of tested pasture varieties in Tanzania. This will help more farmers to get access to good quality pasture seeds.

Jonas has been working and advocating climate smart agricultural interventions for sustainable environmentally livestock production systems.  He has extensively been providing advisory consultancy to private dairy farms on dairy subsector issues and specifically on how to establish pasture farms in Tanzania. Jonas has internationally worked as Consultant for FAO in Kagera River Basin Project –Transboundary Agro-ecological Systems Management Project in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.   He has been training on technologies on forage production as technology transfer strategies.  Jonas has been working in collaboration   with national and international organizations such as  AU-IBAR, ILRI,  CIAT and higher learning institutions like of Tanzania.

Jonas is very eager to learn more and practice engagement of young entrepreneurs to create more employment opportunities and modernizing livestock sector for economic development.