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Internal Audit

This Unit performs the following activities:-

  1. Review and report on proper control over the receipt, custody and utilization of all financial resources of the Institute;
  2. Review and report on conformity with financial and operational procedures laid down in any legislation or any regulations or instructions for control over the expenditure of the Institute;
  3. Review and report on the correct classification and allocation of revenue and expenditure accounts;
  4. Develop audit procedures to facilitate compliance with international standards annually;
  5. Review and report on the reliability and integrity of financial and operation data and prepare financial statements and other reports;
  6. Review and report on the systems in place used to safeguard assets, and verify existence of such assets
  7. Review and report on operations or programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and goals
  8. Review and report on the reactions by the management to internal audit reports, and assist management in the implementation of recommendations made by reports and follow-up on the implementation of recommendations made by the Controller and Auditor General;
  9. Review and report on the adequacy of controls built into computerized systems in place in the Institute;
  10. Prepare and implement Strategic Audit Plans; and
  11. Conduct performance audits on appraisal of development projects.
This Unit is led by a Chief Internal Auditor.