Staff Email

Dr. Zabron Cuthibert Nziku

Dr. Zabron Cuthibert Nziku (PhD), A Research Officer at Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI), Tanzania. Offering technical and practical services in the field of biological sciences, social sciences, climate change and policy issues along livestock value chain.  The career experiences lead Nziku to develop a comprehensive view about the interdisciplinary relationship among various fields of biological sciences.  The research works included coordination of research works, collection of livestock activity data, data analysis, presenting research works, reviewing and publishing scientific works, conducting consultancies local and international. Leadership: currently, Acting Zonal Director for TALIRI- Eastern Zone. For GHG inventory I’m agriculture expert major in the livestock field.  For project management, currently leading “Greening the dairy value chain in Tanzania (MAZIWA FAIDA)” project, funded by Irish Aid through Embassy of Ireland in Tanzania.