1. TALIRI Uyole HQs is based at Uyole, about 12 km from Mbeya City.
  2. The altitude at the HQs is about 1850 mabsl.
  3. The institute lies between latitudes 08.92044’ – 08.92011’ S and Longitudes 33.54053’ – 33.53063’ E.
  4. The Centre renders its services in the Southern Highlands Zone.
  5. The zone is now comprised of six regions (Iringa, Mbeya, Ruvuma, Rukwa, Katavi and Njombe).
  6. The Zone is situated between Latitudes 7◦ and 9◦ S and Longitudes 30◦ and 38◦ E
  7. The altitude varies between 475 and 3000 metres above sea level and the annual rainfall ranges from 600 to 2600 mm per annum.
  8. Rainfall pattern is unimodal with the rain season starting from October/November to April/May, after which the dry season starts.
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  1. TALIRI Uyole is charged with the following some research mandates:
  2. Maintenance and distribution of dairy cattle and pigs of high genetic potential to smallholder farmers in the zone
  3. Devising improved livestock husbandry technologies for different classes of livestock ranging from management systems to post-harvest practices, uses and marketing for smallholder farmers in the zone


  • Address. P.O. BOX 6191 MBEYA
  • Tel.No. 025 2510086/0755675847
  • Fax No. 025 2510091
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