1. Testing a stratified model for commercialize traditional beef cattle production in Tanzania: principal investigator;D. Komwihangilo, TALIRI Mpwapwa
  2. Characterisation and conservation of Tanzania farm animal genetic resources: principal investigator;D.M Komwihangilo
  3. Mpwapwa Breed Cattle Multiplication: principal investigator;Masao, D.F
    TALIRI Mpwapwa
  4. Enhance appropriate policies and safety standards of Feeds and Milk for improved livelihoods in the ECA Countries: principal investigator;Dr. J.M.N. Bwire TALIRI Uyole
  5. Effect of feeding baobab (Adansonia digitata) seed cake on the performance of pigs: principal investigator;Mary J.Magonka TALIRI Mpwapwa
  6. Impact assessment of on-farm dual purpose goat: principal investigator;Mbeho J. TALIRI Mpwapwa
  7. Improving productivity of beef breeds through strategic crossbreeding: principal investigator;Komwihangilo, D.M
  8. Improving value addition and marketing of milk for smallholder (VAMMS) in ECA countries: principal investigator;Prof: L.R. Kurwijila SUA
  9. Enhancing availability of Quality Indigenous Day Old Chicks for Commercial Poultry Producers through establishment of Grandparent and Parent Stockprincipal investigator;M. Jackson,
    TALIRI Mpwapwa
  10. Increasing pig productivity and market off-take of smallholders’ farmers through improved and integrated husbandry practiceprincipal investigator;E. Kimbi, TALIRI Uyole
  11. Enhancing availability and productivity of dairy cattle through genetic stabilization in Tanzaniaprincipal investigator; P. Mwakilembe, TALIRI Uyole
  12. Introduction of promising pastures for improving demarcated pastoral grazing land productivity and forage conservationprincipal investigator; M. Mashingo, TALIRI Kongwa
  13. Improving indigenous cattle for dairy production through targeted selection and crossbreeding in East and Central Africaprincipal investigator; Mr. Aluna Chawala
    TALIRI Mpwapwa
  14. Exploring Napier Smut and Stunt Disease (NSSD) resistance to increase feed availability in smallholder dairy farmsprincipal investigator; Dr. R. Msangi
    TALIRI Kongwa
  15. Breeding and Use of Improved Management Practices for Optimum Utilization of Tanzania shorthorn Zebu (TSZ) cattle in Central Tanzaniaprincipal investigator; Mr. Tungu G.B
    TALIRI Mpwapwa
  16. Improving productivity through control of Salmonellosis in local chickens: The case of Central zoneprincipal investigator; Mr. B. Njau
    TALIRI Mpwapwa
  17. Breeding and Selection of Mpwapwa Cattle On-stationprincipal investigator; Msuta,G
  18. Multiplication of Mpwapwa breed cattle: Enhancing private sector to multiply Mpwapwa breed cattle using open nucleus breeding system (ONBS)principal investigator; Bwire, J.M.N
  19. Comparative performance evaluation, multiplication and conservation of Friesian cattle herd under Southern Highlands pasture-based management systems
  20. Performance evaluation, multiplication and conservation of Mpwapwa cattle herd under Southern Highlands pasture-based management systems
  21. Performance evaluation, multiplication and conservation of Gogo White Goats  under Southern Highlands pasture-based management systems
  22. Enhancing availability and productivity of dairy cattle through genetic stabilization in Tanzania
  23. Identification, characterization and performance evaluation of indigenous chicken ecotypes in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania
  24. Genetic stabilization of better performing indigenous chicken ecotypes for eggs and meat production in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania
  25. Evaluation of Palm Kernel Cake and Leucaena diversfolia as protein sources for growing pigs in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania
  26. Effects of age and season on growth and nutritive value of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana Kunth)
  27. Conservation and Performance Evaluation of Small ruminant breeds at TALIRI – West Kilimanjaro. The center continues with the Mandate of evaluating and conserving indigenous breeds of Sheep such as Red Maasai and Black Head Persian (BHP); goats such as Pare white and Sonjo red and dual purpose (blended) goat breed. Also, production group consisting of non-descriptive breeds of sheep and goats was maintained as usual. Breeding season for sheep and goats starts in October to November and the lambing/kidding season is in February to March each year.
  28. Pasture demonstration and seed production plot. The area is still safeguarded as grass and herbaceous legumes demonstration plot and a mini forest area planted trees (Gravellier) as initiative for climate change mitigation.