1. Re-tooling of biotechnology laboratory at TALIRI-MPWAPWA for Advancement and Sustenance of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Tanzania, Mr. Kabuni K. T
  2. African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG): principal investigator;Dr E.H. Goromela (Collaborator) view detail | next
  3. Improving village chicken productivity for increasing income and food security in Tanzania and Mozambique: principal investigator;Mr. Kafuku
  4. Enhancing capacities for milk collection and processing in the agro-pastoral and peri-urban farming systems for improved livelihoods: principal investigator;Mr. Tungu G.B
  5. Promotion of ecosystem-responsive integrated urban farming practices in the livestock, vegetable and fish production systems: principal investigator;Mr. Aluna Chawala CO-PI
    TALIRI Mpwapwa
  6. Development a framework for decision support tools to optimize smallholder dairy productivity in East Africaprincipal investigator; Dr. Komwihangilo D.M
  7. Invasive Plant Species Threat to Livestock Production in the Lake and North Eastern Zones of Tanzania:principal investigator; Dr. Mwilawa Angello Joseph TALIRI MABUKI
  8. Tanzania New Zealand Dairy cooperation. A Collaborative Research  Project addressing dairy value chain in Tanzania in partnership with Massey University in New Zealand, Tanzania Livestock Research Institute and Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania: principal investigator; Mr. Kabuni T.K (collaborato
  9. Genetic improvement and community based conservation of Pare white goats in Tanzania. This project is supported by The African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) a specialized technical office of the African Union. AU-IBAR has the mandate to coordinate and support AU member states in the utilization of animals (livestock, fisheries and wildlife) as a resource for human well-being and economic development.
  10. Out scaling of community-based breeding programs: attractive and innovative approach to improving the lives of smallholder producers in low input systems. This project is supported by M-BoSS (Africa-Brazil partnership) a platform designed to strengthen and deepen the collaboration in Agricultural Research for Development among African and Brazilian partners, initially with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA). The project is implemented in Ethiopia and Tanzania.
  11. Program for African Dairy Genetic Gains (ADGG): principal investigator;Dr Okeyo Mwai (ILRI) country PI – Dr. D.M Komwihangilo (TALIRI) Read more..